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Mary O’Leary

Kelp Ketchup, Rhetoric, Crawford College of Art & Design, 2020


Pop-up culinary experience at Muine Bheag Community Centre
Saturday 14th August, 3 pm

non-appétit presents a pop-up culinary experience, based on a satirical Irish seaweed cookbook. This event, led by artist Mary O’Leary, will explore thought-provoking Irish seaweed recipes, including kelp ketchup.


Mary O’Leary is a visual artist based in Ireland who recently graduated with a BA Honours in Fine Art from Crawford College of Art and Design. Her work explores the ethical issues surrounding the exploitation of natural resources for purely commercial ends. Her practice often centres around the use of food and the culinary arts, while also including photography, screen printing and installation.

Her most recent work, non-appétit, comments on exploitative seaweed-harvesting practices in Ireland and aims to interrogate and challenge capitalist profiteering from natural Irish resources.

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