Voice Tracking
Megan Hadfield

We are very excited to share Voice Tracking by Megan Hadfield.

Voice Tracking is a text commissioned by Muine Bheag Arts in response to Grass Roots 2023.

Grass Roots took place in August 2023 and included contributions from artists Cóilín O’Connell, Mollie Anna King, Niamh Seana Meehan and Holly Pickering. Voice Tracking was developed following conversations with the artists and encounters with the works as the programme unfolded.

The text narrates the movements of four archetypes; the Keeper, the Walker, the Glazier and the Instructor as they come across the works. Prose poetry, footnotes and symbols mark a route between artwork and setting as a strange series of events transpire.

Voice Tracking is available to order here

Posters for Palestine

We’ve made a limited run of GR2023 posters in support of medical aid in Palestine. All proceeds will be donated to Medical Aid for Palestinians.
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Periodical Review 13
Maslow’s Hammer

Grass Roots has been selected as part of Periodical Review 13 - Maslow’s Hammer.

The exhibition runs from 1 December 2023 - 27 January 2024 in Pallas Projects, Dublin.

Selected by Kate O’Shea, Linda Shevlin, Mark Cullen & Muine Bheag Arts is included in the September- October 2023 issue of the Visual Artists’ News Sheet. Gavin Murphy.

Contributions from Orla Barry, John Beattie, Stephen Brandes, Evelyn Broderick, Rayleen Clancy, Adam Gibney, Grass Roots/Muine Bheag Arts, Fiona Hallinan, Elaine Hoey, Jaki Irvine & Locky Morris, Bassam Issa Al-Sabah, Richard Malone, Suzannah O’Reilly & Gemma Dardis, Caitlyn Rooke, Katherine Sankey, Jijo Sebastian (with Alessandra Azevedo, Hina Khan, Amir Abu Alrob, Mark Sebata and Tomasz Madajczak), Lidija Šola & Sadhbh Moriarty, Tamsin Snow, Luke van Gelderen, Katherine Waugh & Fergus Daly.

For more information, see here

Visual Artists’ News Sheet
Sept - Oct

Muine Bheag Arts is included in the September - October 2023 issue of the Visual Artists’ News Sheet.

Grass Roots
11 August - 10 September

Muine Bheag Arts is pleased to present the third edition of Grass Roots. Grounded in the local, Grass Roots refers to collective organising and modes of kinship. The programme unfolds in public spaces throughout Muine Bheag in County Carlow from 11 August - 10 September.

Grass Roots brings together contributions from Cóilín O’Connell, Mollie Anna King, Niamh Seana Meehan and Holly Pickering. Following a period of time spent in the town, the artists have developed a series of site-responsive interventions and one-off events.

Stemming from encounters with the land, the works reflect on ecosystems and the energies needed to sustain them. Connections are drawn between structures of communication, processes of exchange and holistic coexistence with the natural world.

This programme is kindly supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, Creative Ireland and Carlow County Council.

Muine Bheag Arts

Muine Bheag Arts

Friday 2 December, 1pm

Basic Space is delighted to present Muine Bheag Arts for our December BASIC TALK - 1pm on Friday the 2nd of December 2022 - ONLINE.

Basic Talks is a series of talks with leading contemporary practitioners, taking place at the Hugh Lane Gallery. Curated by Basic Space in partnership with Hugh Lane Gallery, BASIC TALKS is a platform for lectures, workshops, presentations, and performances. Speakers include artists, curators, writers, and critics who will generate discourse on producing, framing and exhibiting art. BASIC TALKS is a collaboration between Basic Space and the Hugh Lane Gallery, exploring alternatives in the dissemination of contemporary art and its discourses.

Bog Cottage
Year in review 2021

Designs for logo (colour-in); included in Year in Review 2021 by Bog Cottage

Bloomers Magazine Issue 07

Muine Bheag Arts is included in issue 07 of Bloomers, RING OUT, WILD BELLS.

RING OUT, WILD BELLS is a collection of texts informed by artistic acts of narrative reclamation and the artist-led and independent publishing environment in Ireland.

For more information visit Bloomers 

Visual Artists' News Sheet
Nov - Dec Issue

Muine Bheag Arts is included in the November - December 2021 issue of the Visual Artists’ News Sheet.