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Grass Roots

30 July - 29 August 2021

Grass Roots was the first public programme initiated by artist-run organisation Muine Bheag Arts. Grass Roots refers to the act of self-organising, nurturing ideas and facilitating dialogue on a local level. The programme embeded itself deep into the soil of the community, cultivating growth from the roots up.

Grass Roots was situated in public spaces throughout Muine Bheag, Co. Carlow. Sprawling across the fields, river banks and buildings it utilised the town’s infrastructure to host a temporary network of offsite projects, public interventions and events.

The programme included contributions from Bog Cottage, Saidhbhín Gibson, Carl Giffney, Mary O’Leary, Nollaig Molloy, Rory Mullen, Cliodhna Timoney and Katie Watchorn. The artists were invited to respond to Muine Bheag and the rural context as a space of artistic production. The works examined and investigate notions of the land, craft, industry, community and place.