Grass Roots 2023
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Grass Roots

11 August - 10 September 2023

Muine Bheag Arts is pleased to present the third edition of Grass Roots. Grounded in the local, Grass Roots refers to collective organising and modes of kinship. The programme unfolds in public spaces throughout Muine Bheag in County Carlow from 11 August - 10 September 2023.

Grass Roots brings together contributions from Cóilín O’Connell, Mollie Anna King, Niamh Seana Meehan and Holly Pickering. Following a period of time spent in the town, the artists have developed a series of site-responsive interventions and one-off events. 

Stemming from encounters with the land, the works reflect on ecosystems and the energies needed to sustain them. Connections are drawn between structures of communication, processes of exchange and holistic coexistence with the natural world.